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Rob Stuart


Rob Stuart
Mgr. van de Weteringstr. 14a,
3581 EH Utrecht, Netherlands
office: +31.30.2369689
mobile: +31.6.40475088
e-mail: info@LocuMotio.nl

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What's in a name?

locu-, from locution = 'word, expression'
from locutio (Latin) = 'speech'
motio (Latin) = 'movement'
LocuMotio.nl sounds like locomotional


Actual price depends on degree of difficulty and word count.
A 10% discount is given for texts longer than 10 000 words.
Email me your text or sample for a price quote within 24 hours.

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Major rewrite:

€ 75 per hour

Editing / minor rewrite:

€ 60 per hour

Rough guide: It generally takes 30-45 minutes to edit one page (50 lines or 3500 characters) of moderately difficult text.

Editing includes these aspects:

Proofreading / correction:

€ 50 per hour

Discussing textual changes by phone/Skype:

€ 50 per hour

TRANSLATING Dutch to English

word count per word
<   1 000 € 0.14
1 000 -  5 000 € 0.13
5 000 - 10 000 € 0.12
10 000 - 15 000 € 0.11
> 15 000 € 0.10



€ 60 per hour


€ 50 per hour, plus € 15 per participant

Planning and preparation:

(incl. meetings, interviews, research, etc.)

€ 50 per uur

Travelling / waiting time:

€ 30 per uur


more about me

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English text editor & language trainer/coach. English-to-Dutch tranlator

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I have 30 years' experience as a freelance editor, trainer and coach of general and academic English, working with Dutch and expat clients, and as a Dutch-to-English translator of a wide variety of texts.

I also run a private integrative therapy-and-counselling practice: Head and Heart Work.

Born and bred in England, I have lived and worked in the Netherlands since 1980. I speak and write fluent Dutch and have held positions in Dutch companies and non-commercial organisations, including university departments.

As a well-travelled expat fascinated by people, languages and cultures of diverse origin, I am well aware — through personal experience — of the pitfalls of intercultural communication, especially between Dutch and English native speakers.

I therefore form an ideal bridge between the two language cultures and have a deep understanding of how they interact and sometimes clash.

Editing and translating

I have 30 years' experience editing general, technical and academic texts and translating from Dutch to English. Because I speak and write Dutch at the highest level and have edited an enormous amount of English text written by Dutch academics and other professionals, I am highly familiar with the difficulties that can arise — for the writer as well as the native English reader. Whereas the Dutch and English cultures and languages seem, superficially, to have certain similarities, at a deeper level they are quite different. Writers who think in Dutch and translate sentences too literally into English are asking for trouble: English native speakers may find their text difficult to comprehend. Also, English formal texts follow conventions and have structures that are strikingly different to those of the Dutch language culture

My academic editing and coaching services particularly benefit native Dutch writers of English who have attained a medium-to-high degree of proficiency in the target language and are keen to avoid 'Dunglish' — the ambiguous, convoluted and stylistically inappropriate brand of English that is all too often produced by the Dutch.

An excellent motivator, tactful in giving feedback, I am passionate about guiding writers to attain the highest standards of accuracy, clarity, structure and style.

Training and coaching

I have given tailored training courses on a wide variety of English language skills, including general conversation, tact and diplomacy, electronic correspondence, telephoning, giving presentations and speeches, conducting meetings, and writing skills. I have taught academic English at Utrecht University's James Boswell Institute, English for International Hospitality and Business Management at Eurocollege/Dutch International Management University Rotterdam, and financial and business English at various major financial institutions in the Netherlands.

Since 2007, I have specialised in training and coaching of academic writing skills, including effective writing of formal papers and theses for submission to scientific journals. I have taught groups and coached individuals in academic English writing skills at two leading Dutch universities: Utrecht University and the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

At University College Utrecht (UCU), I designed and taught academic writing courses for groups of first-year Bachelor's degree students on liberal arts and science programmes. At the UCU Writing Centre, I also gave remedial coaching in academic essay- and paper-writing skills to individual Bachelor's students.

At the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) School of Law, I coached individual PhD researchers in thesis-writing skills. Also at the EUR, I taught academic writing courses to Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students of various departments, including the institute of Health Policy and Management (iBMG, instituut Beleid & Management Gezondheidszorg). At the iBMG, under contract to the Erasmus Language and Training Centre, I also gave group courses in academic writing skills to PhD researchers.

For this purpose, I independently developed a comprehensive and adaptable training programme in academic writing skills, based on two leading publications in this field: Fowler & Aaron, The Little, Brown Handbook, and Swales & Feak, Academic Writing for Graduate Students.

My course design and my coaching strategies are informed by the Socratean method and the communicative approach and are based on learning by experience, with systematic feedback on recurring errors. Programmes and materials are tailored to participants' field of study, specific language needs, skills level, learning style and stumbling blocks.


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Language bureaus / educational institutes where I have taught:

NL-based companies and organisations where I have taught:


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Excellent English, delivered on time

“We are very enthusiastic about Rob's editing of our proposals and reports on international environmental issues. These are technical texts that include many uncommon terms. As the original versions are written by Dutch consultants, they include some vocabulary and grammar errors. It is essential that the edited versions preserve our intended meanings. Because Rob has worked with Dutch people for decades and has a technical background, he always manages to transform our texts into excellent English. Also, he is kind, works quickly and delivers on time.”

Jan van Dijk, founder of Giraf Results,
an Utrecht-based consultancy network supporting companies and authorities in environmental and sustainability projects.
26 August 2018

Impressively improved webtexts

“It was a great pleasure to work with Rob on an assignment to correct and edit my new English website. He kept all agreements and completed the task within a very short period. We only corresponded via mail, but I feel as if we have known each other for a long time. He feels exactly how the text should be formulated, and he not only improves it but makes an impressive 'story' out of it. I'm very pleased with Rob's work and strongly recommend his services.”

Yves Karo, owner of Karo Voyage,
an Amstelveen-based small-scale travel organisation offering exclusive art- and food-oriented tours of the Netherlands.
20 August 2018

Happy with choices

“Struggling with academic Dunglish and the frustrating corrections of your co‑authors that do not seem to improve your article? After your article has passed under Rob's 'red pencil' and you have discussed the changes with him, you CAN see the wood for the trees. Moreover, you are happy with the choices you made in your article and able to explain them confidently to the other authors.”

M. Caroline Vos MSc
gynecologist and epidemiologist
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital, Tilburg
4 December 2015

Improved academic writing

“Rob helped me, through individual coaching sessions, to improve my academic writing in English. I experienced this style of coaching as pleasant. What I appreciated most about working with Rob was his ability to become easily acquainted with the subject of my paper, to be very patient, and to really help me improve my English writing.”

Adee Bodewes, PhD researcher
Dept. of Social Healthcare, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam
24 November 2015

Interesting and instructive

“Rob was my teacher for academic writing in English at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His lessons were very interesting and instructive and he managed astonishingly well to attract his student's attention to what he was saying. The first time I entered his class, I sat down being annoyed at having to take an English class, but he soon caught my interest for the subject and taught me a lot about how to write an academic paper. Even after the course had finished, he has always been helpful with any questions I had while writing papers.”

Luuk Hoefsloot, analyst
Maritime & Transport Business Solutions
4 September 2010

Good listener, high quality

“Rob and I worked together on a very short-term project. He is a good listener and gets the job done, with high quality and very much in time. Rob, it was a pleasure working with you!”

Renee Bakker, owner of WeenaReport
1 September 2010

Expert knowledge

“As a former student of Rob [at University College Utrecht], I can unequivocally state that he has expert knowledge of the English language and that my English has greatly improved due to his teaching. Even after the course, I sometimes asked Rob to take a look at my work.”

Rutger Legeland, consultant
Oliver Wyman
1 September 2010

Meticulous and accurate

“As an international organisation, TERENA is expected to produce English-language texts that meet the highest standards of professionalism. For our Compendium [an annual publication that I have edited each year since 2009], we asked for test edits from several editors and chose Rob Stuart. We found that he is able to meet tight deadlines without compromising his meticulous and accurate approach. His efforts led to greatly improved texts and we therefore have no hesitation in recommending his work.”

Bert van Pinxteren, Chief Admin. Officer
12 April 2009

TERENA, the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, based in Amsterdam, offered a forum to collaborate, innovate and share knowledge in order to foster the development of Internet technology, infrastructure and services for the research and education community. In 2014, TERENA joined forces with DANTE to become GÉANT).

Thoroughness and precision

“In his four years as Chief Editor of the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, Rob prepared publications for public consumption — an exceptionally important job within COHRE, particularly given our public profile in the media and within the international human rights community. Rob carried out his work with exceptional thoroughness and precision. He produced a series of publications, all of which were edited very carefully, with great skill and concern for the end product. The publications edited by Rob were viewed by many as COHRE's finest work."

Scott Leckie, former Executive Director
30 April 2007

COHRE was an international human rights NGO that played a key role in the fight for economic, social and cultural rights, combatting forced eviction and forcible displacement in numerous countries.

Scott now heads Displacement Solutions, an NGO working for people displaced by conflict, forced eviction and other rights abuses, as well as by natural disasters and the consequences of climate change.

Infectious enthusiasm

“Rob Stuart worked for Babel from October 2000 to May 2002 as a Dutch-to-English translator and English teacher, specialising mainly in one-on-one tailormade business language courses. Throughout his time with us, Rob proved to be a valuable asset to the institute. He was an excellent teacher, able to motivate the most exhausted businessman at the end of a long day. His enthusiasm for his work was infectious and his love of his subject stood our clients in very good stead. He was a well respected member of our team — someone you could always turn to with any question or difficulty. Rob proved to be highly flexible, always willing to stand in for someone at the last minute or teach a 'difficult' client.”

Laura Haseley, former Dir. of Studies, Babel
16 July 2002

Babel is a Utrecht-based language institute offering language training courses for individuals, companies and non-profit organisations.

Laura now works at the University of Canterbury (NZ).